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Published by Glitterati Incorporated
February 2017 Release

Foreword by Jacqueline Bograd Weld
Essay by Anthony Haden-Guest

Influenced by the exotic, lush landscapes of his childhood years in Hawaii, Hunt Slonem’s richly colored, impressionistic bird paintings are celebrated worldwide. For the first time, Slonem’s birds are collected into a single, luxurious volume. In Birds, the Louisiana-born artist pays homage to these remarkable creatures through hundreds of engaging artworks.

Praised by his contemporaries for his “neo-expressionist” style, Hunt Slonem reaches for new heights in this dazzling new work. As a follow-up to his earlier elegant title, Bunnies, this hardcover volume features metallic ink, silver gilded edges, a ribbon marker, and an acetate jacket. Within the pages, Slonem’s unique “cross-hatching” style examines nature and technique, pleasing bird-lovers and fine art aficionados alike. These exquisite paintings by one of the art world’s preeminent contemporary figures make Birds a necessary addition to any serious art or avian library.



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